When I was a kid, people always told me I was nothing but a skunk and that because of that I could never be ANYBODY. My neighbors my teachers even my first boss told me that I had to take life as it came to me. I was always going to be unhappy and Itwork and life are just tough. “That’s life, and life ain’t Fair,” my Pops said.

For a while I believed everyone but it took dropping out of college for me to finally realize just what was happening to me, that I didn’t have to listen to them. That was when I choose to be the KING!!

You see we all live in this world together and we’re told we have to take whatever comes our way and deal with it because thats our Lot in Life but they forget one Important detail, that we’re in the Animal KINGDOM and if there’s a KINGDOM there Has To Be a KING. But who is that king? We all deal with our own kings telling us we can’t be kings. For me it was my Gym teacher who was the first person to tell me I could never be a self made businessman. The pulled me aside in the middle of running laps and ill never forget the words on his bill, in fact if i close my eyes I can still remember and see what he said to me.

He said “I know What You’re Doing and I don’t want you to be disappointed.  You have a great future in sports and athletics and you have the best throw Ive ever seen but i don’t want to see you throw that away on a Pipe Dream. You can get a scholarship with this but you cant get into college just by being a salesmen, skunks don’t do that kind off thing son”

I took his advice, I thought he was right, I thought i had to be who I was and stay in my place. I never knew that if I had done the exact opposite of what he said I could be the KING!

From college dropout to KING of my own Life!

I was sad and depressed when they flunked me out of college and for a while I just wanted to tuck my tail between my legs and go back to work at my Pop’s egg and nut store. But then I realized, if we’re all in a KINGDOM…I had been settling for living like a peasant when I should be the KING!

So I started my own business. I didn’t listen to what the people keeping me down were saying. Who were they to tell the KING what he couldn’t do? I started just by selling my Pop’s eggs and nuts to more stores. Then I built up my own empire of sales. Now I live in a house that cost millions and my old college “friends” (who did graduate and were told they would become successful) want to work for ME!

That’s what it’s like to be the KING of my life.

I’m not your KING, YOU be your KING

Normally when people are as successful as I am they just want to get as many peasants to work under them as possible, but not me! I just want to be the KING of my own life, not yours. All my troubles come from letting someone else be the king of my life and I don’t ever want to do that to you. I want you to be the KING of your own live, and that’s what my business is all about now.

That’s right by discovering the secret to becoming the KING of my life I now make anywhere between $6 and $10 MILLION with and M a year. And I do it all from home on my own. I get to spend my time with my wife and kids and nobody tells me when to work what to work or what i can or cant be …because….. I’m the KING!

And I want to show you how to be the KING of your own life. Some animals just live as peasants their whole lives and never try. But some people do try but they only become a knight or a merchant or a serf or even a lietennant and then they plateau. They think they’re as high up as they can go because they focus on just not being a peasant, when they should be trying to be the KING.

Thats the best thing to be of your own life and I want to show you exactly how I became the KING of my own life and how you can be the KING of yours!!


Danny the Skunk KING


5 thoughts on “About

      1. When i was reading your blog you said that I could be king so I thought I can be king!

        I like the king. And I am cool, so I can be cool AND THE KING

        I am glad you said hi! Hi again HI HI. I like you danny.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s true that anyone can become the KING but only some people will unlock the secret potential…the only question is will you? I’d highly recommend my product courses.


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